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You know the time. The week’s over and the weekend’s just beginning. Whether it's going out and turning it up a notch or staying in for cocktails and appies. Featuring a local micro-distilled premium vodka, shake up the social life and take a cold, delicious sip of liquid elegance.
  • Lok(e)l Vodka - 750 ml  *or equal value if unavailable
  • Bols Triple Sec - 750 ml  *or equal value if unavailable
  • Two martini glasses - QC Custom Designs
  • Shaker - QC Custom Designs
  • T-shirt - QC Custom Designs
  • Citrus Smoothy and Lavender Mist Shower Steams - Raw Body
  • Coasters - QC Custom Designs
  • Cranberry and lime juice
19 + photo ID will be required at time of delivery. Deliveries only to residential addresses.
*Deliveries with alcohol can only be made to residential addresses and can not be mailed.

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