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Shine Chocolate & Confections' creations are best described as "edible works of art" with a unique, colorful style and a knack for crafting original flavor combinations. 

Biscuit Bar (Regular size ~ 100g) $10.95
33.6% Milk Chocolate, 35% Caramelized White Chocolate, Wafer Biscuits

Honeycomb Bar (Mini ~ 35g) $5.95
55.7% Dark Chocolate, Sponge Toffee

Popping Frogs (2 pcs ~ 80g) $8.95
33.6% milk chocolate filled with popping candy & rice crisp

-Shelf Life ~ 6 Months (with proper storage) 
Keep out of direct heat and sunlight. Best stored at room temperature in a cool dark place.

-Contains Dairy, Lactose, Soy & Gluten
*Nut Free (* we do not use or have any nuts in our kitchen but currently still have a select few ingredients that say "may contain nuts")


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