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Welcome to the Leah Dorion, SaskAbilities, and partnership, where we proudly present items from the "Singing to the Aspen Giftbox" collection. 

The heart of this collaboration lies in the apron. The captivating artwork "Singing to the Aspen" is created by the celebrated Saskatchewan artist, Leah Dorion. This artwork embodies the beauty and renewal of spring, and it pays tribute to the strength and resilience of working Métis women in Saskatchewan.  

Furthermore, we are incredibly proud to collaborate with SaskAbilities, an organization that empowers individuals of all skill sets, who played an essential role in the creation of these aprons. SaskAbilities' skilled employees have meticulously sewn ribbons on each apron, adding an extra touch of uniqueness and inclusivity to this already meaningful piece of art. 

In addition to the apron the collection includes a 4x4 wood framed hand pressed with a print of Singing to the Aspen. There also is a pressed microfiber, waffle, tea towel, to complete the set. All of which you can purchase as individual items here, or as a collection. 


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