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Owners, Angus and Kathy Sabo grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. Interesting tidbit about them– they grew up blocks away from each other but didn’t meet until they were 25. Timing is everything.

Fast forward to 2022, and find the Sabo family.  Angus and Kathy have two ferocious girls ages six and nine; keeping these parents on their toes. The amount of energy they have is awe-inspiring. They attempt to tucker them out, but it never works.

COVID was an interesting time for this family of four. The time at home together was good for them. So, as seasoned marketers in Saskatchewan, searching for work-life balance, QCGifts.ca was born.

The goal is to build a business that affords us flexibility for our two girls with a little less stress (fingers crossed). Our mission is to create happiness in a box while supporting our local community.

Customer service is so important. QCGifts.ca is about more than a gift, it is about the best experience too. Click a button, send a text, or a quick call, we have you covered with some incredible gifts this province has to offer. Each gift box includes a variety of products created by merchants, artists, and artisans in our community. Did you know that Kathy and Angus make some of the items in the boxes?  The process of sublimation is used to create customized products such as apparel, drinkware, coasters, and so much more.

They love their customers.

The big smiles on customers' faces when they open a gift box is what Kathy and Angus strive for! They want to make it easy to find amazing, unique gift boxes featuring Saskatchewan's local products.

Esther Hicks says it best - “The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your happiness.”


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