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Chocolate Dipped Caramel Pretzel Stick: $5 Pretzel rod is wrapped in Kickass Caramels. Then they are dipped in Callebaut and for the Easter Season, they will be decorated with sprinkles and Micro Mini Eggs.

Chocolate Dip Sour Soothers : $4 Satisfy that sweet tooth with this delicious candy pairing.  Soother is dipped in Callebaut chocolate. 

Lip Smasher :  $10 These Belgian Milk Chocolate Lips are a for sure sweet way to say Hi, I Love You to that someone special, or even a sweet and fun treat to gift yourself! They feature a shell made of Callebaut and then have tons of candy and of course, come with a perfect wooden hammer to help you burst out the fun surprise inside!

Lollipop Coco Bomb:  $9 Here, of course, is the original Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb!! This is a milk Callebaut chocolate shell with regular cocoa powder, more Belgian chocolate on the back and then you will find a bunch of mini marshmallows!!!! Then on top is a sprinkle blend and edible glitter!!!

Coffee Bombs: $14 These are just so cool!! Not only is each shell made out of Belgian chocolate, each season Jenn busts out new flavour creations. 

This season, for flavours you will find: Sweet Cream, Coconut Milk Chocolate, and Vanilla Chai. 

Treats available now:

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