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Custom Boxes

All of our amazing items are made in-house or from one of the many local businesses here in Saskatchewan! From sweet to savoury, to a t-shirt or hoodie (bunnyhug?), we got you covered to create the perfect gift box for any occasion. Your Source for Customized Gift Boxes

We understand the importance of giving a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that truly showcases your gratitude and love. That's why we introduced the Custom Box - an effortless way to create a personalised gift box online. With a Custom Box, you have the freedom to choose the items you want to include in your gift box, allowing you to create a final product that is uniquely yours. Our selection includes a wide variety of Saskatchewan-made products, including premium foods, kitchen essentials, alcoholic beverages, and more. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to mix and match items, allowing you to tailor the gift box to perfectly match the recipient's preferences.

Choose The Best Box

Say goodbye to the hassle of scouring stores and websites for the ideal gift for your loved ones. With's Custom Box service, you can create a unique and personalized gift box, tailored to your recipient's preferences and interests. Our versatile and high-quality local products range from gourmet foods and beauty products to home décor and much more, ensuring that you have everything you need to craft the perfect present.

With a Custom Box, you have complete control over the items of your gift box, allowing you to mix and match to create a one-of-a-kind gift that will truly impress your loved one. Plus, our service is all about creating an experience, so when your recipient opens their box, they'll be greeted with a QR code to a Spotify playlist, providing an enjoyable soundtrack to the unpacking experience.

The process is incredibly straightforward and convenient. You can browse our selection of products from the comfort of your own home and easily add or remove items to your cart as you go. So why wait? Start building your perfect gift box today with QC Gifts' Custom Box service. Your loved ones will appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating such a special and personalized present!

Create the Perfect Gift Box with QC Gifts' Custom Box Service's Custom Box service offers an effortless solution for finding the ideal gift for your loved ones. You can design a one-of-a-kind and thoughtful present that caters to your recipient's preferences and interests using our personalized gift box service. You can easily browse through a vast selection of high-quality, locally-sourced products from the comfort of your own home and mix and match items to create your customized gift box with our user-friendly interface. Our Custom Box service provides them with an unforgettable experience of unpacking a custom gift. Each box includes a QR code to a Spotify playlist, allowing the recipient to create a unique experience while unwrapping this thoughtful and exceptional gift.

Whether it's a birthday present, anniversary gift, or you simply want to show your appreciation,'s Custom Box service is the perfect way to express your affection. Start creating your perfect gift box today and let us help you create a gift that your loved ones will treasure.


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