Partnerships and Collaborations

At, we believe in the power of partnerships to foster growth and unity within our beloved Saskatchewan community. Our commitment is to contribute to the collective progress of our region, and here's how we're making a difference together:
  • Empowering Abilities, Crafting Connections: 
We take pride in our collaboration SaskAbilities. We are working hand in hand to create meaningful products that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our Prairie Girl shirts are a testament to this partnership, embody the spirit of empowerment, and showcase our dedication to making a positive impact on lives.
  • apron with Leah Dorian image and Saskabilities ribbons were sewn onArtistry Unveiled, Stories Shared:
Through partnerships with talented artists, like the upcoming collaboration with Leah Dorian, we transform their captivating creations into tangible treasures. By showcasing their artwork on our products, we aim to bring art enthusiasts closer to the creative process and inspire conversations that enrich our cultural tapestry.
  • Uniting Local Merchants, Spreading Joy:
Our gift boxes are more than just presents; they're vessels of connection and support for local merchants. By featuring their products within our thoughtfully curated gift boxes, we're not only sharing exceptional items but also amplifying the essence of Saskatchewan's entrepreneurial spirit.

products from Saskatchewan merchants are included in our giftboxes

  • Bridging Communities, Supporting Local:
Our partnerships extend to the vibrant retail landscape throughout Saskatchewan. Collaborating with local retail stores, we not only bring our products closer to you but also reinforce our commitment to driving local commerce. Each purchase resonates beyond a transaction – it's a contribution to the growth of our community.

    At, we are committed to weaving the fabric of our community through partnerships that inspire growth, celebrate creativity, and uplift local enterprises. Together, we are crafting a stronger, more vibrant Saskatchewan for everyone to cherish. 
    Want to become a partner or develop a collaboration? Reach out, we are always interested in developing new items and partnerships. or call/ text 306-551-8122 


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